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Kitchen Design

Enjoy a comprehensive design appointment with a kitchen designer and see your dream kitchen come to life. We offer a no-obligation free home measurement of your kitchen so the space is well used...

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Bedroom Design

Sleeping is one of the crucial parts of a life, since there you will get a well rest with comfort. And we can design your bedroom so you always are well rested and with enough good sleep...

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Livingroom Design

A Livingroom is what makes up the day when together with family and guests. We will together with you design and build your wishes for Livingroom furniture that stand out and with quality...

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Other Home Design

We can design your next doors, wooden stairs, tables etc. Everything made from scratch and built by General Design team, with knowledge and expertise from years of experience...

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Interior Expertise

With 20 years of experience, gives us the advantage of being able to fulfill any need and desire for furniture or interior design. Our team are always ready to build your next project.

Limitless Location

Our company is located in North Macedonia, but we can delivery to most parts of Europe. Don't fear the distance, but enjoy our work of quality.

Quality Ensured

We ensure quality in our work, and make sure that it is seen and felt on our work. From the beginning to the finished project, everything is with quality at sight from our experienced work team.

Guaranteed Works

We give guaranty on our work, and the products we recommend. If we don't recommend it, it is on you then.

Free Consultation

We are more then happy to talk about your home projects, so we can plan the design for your needs. It only costs a cup of coffee. Sometimes we can clear things up via phone, if you should live far away.

Plan & Build

We meet with you. We talk with you. We plan it and send the design to you. We build it and deliver it to you.

Quality Interior Design

The team behind General Design has been leading the way for over 20 years – we’ve been instrumental in making kitchen designs, doors, bedroom furniture and more affordable and with quality. We are still creating beautiful, hard-wearing kitchens, with a tailored process distilled from our decades of experience.

Whatever you choose, we’ll make your kitchen, furniture or interior right here in North Macedonia. Our expert, experienced manufacturing team begins production on your bespoke project as soon as we finalize the design.

Our experts take the time to understand your lifestyle and design preferences. We’ll get to know you over a cup of tea or coffee and discuss your plans, personal style, budget. Or you can research and bring in your ideas to discuss with us.

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